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There was 3 in the bed…. Listening to statistics lectures

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what have i found

the only side of youtube that matters

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Spaghetti bolognese

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I really hate it when men say that they don’t “understand women”. “Women” is not a subject in school. Women are PEOPLE. Try understanding us as PEOPLE not as the mysterious “emotional creatures” that you’ve made us out to be. Some women are complex; some are very easy to read. We are not a monolith.

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"Psychedelic experience is only a glimpse of genuine mystical insight, but a glimpse which can be matured and deepened by the various ways of meditation in which drugs are no longer necessary or useful. If you get the message, hang up the phone. For psychedelic drugs are simply instruments, like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. The biologist does not sit with eye permanently glued to the microscope, he goes away and works on what he has seen."

~ Alan Watts

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Lucky manages to still gallop around on 3 legs at 13 years old :)

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Daddy babywearing

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